Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Smile Your Way to Success

You can succeed a lot with your smile. It could help you to land your dream job or even attract a partner. This is because smiling builds trust. It’s also infectious – if you smile other people around you will want smile too. Here are a few tricks to help pull of a winning smile, whether you’re trying to look
better in a photo or make a good impression at a first meeting with someone.

Treat your teeth

Many people are ashamed of their smile because of the condition of their teeth. Taking steps to whiten your teeth could be the first step to making you more confident about your smile.
There are plenty of whitening toothpastes on the market using special ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide and activated charcoal to help with tooth whitening. Procoal is one such toothpaste that is popular amongst those wanting to make their teeth whiter. Whitening chewing gums and strips may also help.

There are also whitening procedures that can be done such as veneering and laser whitening. If your teeth are seriously damaged, you could even consider reconstruction surgery as provided by companies such as All on Four. Such procedures are more expensive but could be investment worth taking for those that aren’t happy with their teeth.

Liven up with lipstick

Lipstick can really help to bring out your smile. Certain hues may even make your teeth appear whiter by adding contrast. Purple tones and pinks are particularly good for this, especially if they have a touch of blue in. Besame’s Classic Colour Red is one such lipstick with a brilliant cherry red tone to make your teeth stand out. Try to avoid orangey reds as these may highlight any orangey hues in your teeth. Frosty shimmers can also take away from your smile’s sparkle if you don’t have very white teeth.  

Add a glow to your cheeks

Glowing cheeks can also help to accentuate your smile. A bronzer or blush can help to bring a rosiness to your cheeks, but be careful of being too heavy-handed. There are natural ways to bring a glow to your cheeks such as eating healthily, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly.

Hold your head up

It’s important to look confident as you smile. Hold your head up high to give your smile more impact. Smiling with your head down can also give some people the illusion of having a double chin!

Think happy thoughts

If you’re going to give an encouraging smile, you need to mean it. People can easily spot a fake smile – the eyes are usually a giveaway. This may make people less trusting of you. If you’re trying to smile for a photograph or are attending an event in which you need to be seen to be smiling, try to think happy thoughts that will encourage a genuine smile.

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