Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Natural Beauty: Getting Back to Basics

 Whether you’re sick of spending half the morning getting ready or you’re simply looking for a change in your look, it might time to dial things back a little. Here, we’re going to focus on one thing only: preserving and highlighting your natural beauty. Here are a few tips that will not only save you the time and effort of crafting a whole new look but can really help nail what’s unique about you.

Love the skin you’re in
You don’t have to be entirely done with makeup, but it can help to rely on a little less. Overdoing it is notoriously bad for your skin. Instead, focus your time on crafting a skincare regimen that helps hydrate, prevent the signs of aging from appearing, and boosts collagen production. After all, makeup is meant to highlight your beauty and cover the blemishes, but healthy, glowing skin can do that just as effectively, if not more so.

Stop fussing with your hair
If you haven’t let your natural hair out for some time, you might forget how convenient it can be to wake up in the morning without having to spend half-an-hour re-doing your do. Transitioning to natural hair isn’t too complicated, but if you have chemically treated your hair to straighten it, you need to start by chopping off the treated section. Let those curls grow back naturally, using braids or extensions to maintain your length in the process while you wait for it to grow back.

Celebrate your shape
This is style advice that every woman should hear at least once in their life. Nothing is more important to your fashion that choosing clothes that not only fit but suit your body shape. Depending on your figure, you may have different parts that you want to highlight and bring attention to, and those you want to play down a little. Dressing to body type isn’t about hiding away, it’s about redirecting the eye to your most flattering features. Whether you’re a pear, inverted triangle, rectangle or hourglass, there are plenty of guides to help you recognize and pay the respect your body deserves.

Watch what you put in your body
Getting your diet right is a lot more extensive than we can get into and depends largely on your aims. However, if there’s something worth changing immediately, it’s the bad habits you subject your body to. Too much alcohol, coffee, and cigarettes can do all kinds of damage. They make it more difficult to control your weight, age your skin prematurely, and can even make your hair and nails more brittle and harder to maintain. Make a conscious effort to cut out those unhealthy efforts today if you really want your natural beauty to meet its true potential.

If you haven’t done it in a while, it might be time to go au natural. Some ladies might be intimidated about leaving all the careful planning and preening behind, but you will be shocked at what it can do for your self-esteem when people start complimenting you when they see you as you really are.

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