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What Do Designer Brands Say About The Person Wearing Them?

Designer brands are, to put it mildly, desirable. But what do they say about the person wearing them, at least in the minds of other people? It’s a fascinating question and an important one. For many people, the whole purpose of wearing a designer brand rather than something generic is to influence the opinions of others.

They Have Star Status
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Who would you prefer to ask for directions on the street? Somebody who was wearing generic sportswear, or somebody wearing a brand new Louis Vuitton suit? Chances are you’d choose the latter because that person’s apparel says something about their status and their life. At the very least, it indicates that they are conscious of the way they appear to others, and beyond that, it implies success, wealth and power.

According to research by two academics, Nelissen and Meijers, people who wear expensive clothes are much more likely to be treated with respect in social situations that those who don’t. People who wore Tommy Hilfiger and Lacoste, for instance, were seen as having more money than those who wore own-brand t-shirts by people they talked to in stores.
So what’s going on here? It turns out that, for most people, what you wear is a shortcut to your deeper character. Sure you could have gone into debt to buy expensive clothes, and your income could be meagre, but others are much more likely to take an intellectual shortcut and assume that you are wealthy and successful.

It shouldn't be any surprise then, at least to psychologists, that businesses like Fifth Collection are so popular, selling a range of designer brands. People want to feel like they have status, and are willing to pay good money for it.

They Are More Avant-Garde

Being avant-garde isn’t always seen as something positive, especially by more conservative individuals. But it is the mark of an adventurous soul - somebody who wants to push boundaries and change things in the world.

A lot of modern fashion is, essentially, experimentation - deliberate breaks from the past in search of something new and original. People who wear Givenchy, Tory Burch, or Alexander Wang are looking for ways of saying that they are pushing boundaries and that they have "edge."

Sure, most of the clothes that end up in the stores don’t have the flamboyance of those at the Paris Fashion Show, but they are a step up from your run-of-the-mill mass-produced clothes.

Fashionistas need to be aware, therefore, that wearing certain designer items makes them appeal progressive and independent.

They Are Business-Focused
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Being fashionable is associated with being more material in one’s worldview. It’s a sign that a person values the acquisition of wealth and isn’t afraid to show off the proceeds. People wearing designer clothes are business-focused, in general, and want to live the high life.
The fact that others perceive those who wear fashionable clothes like this is good news for those who want to “fake it until they make it.” Putting on a designer dress could help seal a business deal.

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