Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Ultimate Comfort Closet

There are so many benefits of relaxing; just taking some time out to rest your body and focus your thoughts can change your whole day. When it’s getting a little cold outside or your day isn’t going so well, changing into something soft and warm can transport you to a whole different place, and sometimes it really can be your outfit that has an effect. Snuggling up in the most comfortable clothing doesn’t have to mean you forget about style - with these tricks you can slip into something more relaxing whilst showing off your flare for fashion.


You have heaps of options when it comes to finding a comfortable shirt or sweater. Women’s tunics are often made of a soft thick material but have a cling free nature, keeping you warm without feeling heavy or constricting. They’re also available in various patterns and styles, making them a more individual choice that's easy to incorporate into any outfit. Opting for a woollen jumper or cardigan will give you that blanket like feel, and can even be knitted yourself if you have the time (and patience). Hooded sweatshirts are great for snoozing or if you’re really struggling to get a bit of personal space.


Some pairs of trousers make relaxing quite difficult - sharp buttons that dig into your tummy when you sit down, itchy stitching and tight fabrics make it impossible to get comfortable. A few of the best options are items like fur-lined leggings that are super soft against the skin or oversized sweatpants that give you space to feel free but snug. Opting for something without a tight waistband can help a great deal, especially if you’re going to be eating. Ice cream helps almost anyone to feel better, but not being able to digest it properly because of super cramped trousers leads to bloating (making you eventually feel a lot worse).


One of the best feelings after a long day at work is sitting down to take of your shoes and pull on some soft fluffy socks. Letting your feet have some well needed rest after being stuffed inside your heels all day can make you feel like pressure has been instantly released. Knee high socks can really take you to the next level of comfort (perfect paired with shorts if you don’t want to be restrained by trousers but still want to be toasty). If you want something a little more robust, there are so many cute pairs of slippers on the market. There are also options with orthopedic benefits meaning you really will be able to release pressure, especially from your back and leg muscles.

Hopefully these tips will help you find some great comforting additions to your closet, perfect to wear on a stormy day whilst curled up with a mug of hot cocoa. Be sure to shop around to find the best quality available, and don’t scrimp on fabric conditioner when you do your laundry, as doing this can make your clothes more tough!

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