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Luxury Items You Should be Investing In This Year

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Think luxury, think to treat yourself, but also think to be smart with your money and invest it. But why invest in something boring when you could be indulging yourself with a
Rolex watch, some diamonds or a classic Chanel. So what are you waiting for? Check out this list to see what you should be investing your money on:

Colored Diamonds

According to the Knight Frank Wealth report, colored diamonds were very popular last year, and they are expected to continue increasing in price. Blue diamonds were at the top, and values of yellow diamonds weakened slightly, and pinks remained stable. You’ve worked hard for your money. So treat yourself to some colored diamonds and make some money while they sparkle for you.


Often when we think of luxury watches, it’s men’s watches which spring to mind, but why when there are so many fantastic ladies watches out there which could be on your wrist, making you look fantastic but also making you money at the same time? At the moment, Rose Gold is the way to go and the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31 series offers a wide variety of combinations including Everose gold, a unique 18K pink gold which was exclusively created by Rolex in 2005. Or you could opt for a VAN CLEEF AND ARPELS VINTAGE ALHAMBRA BRACELET WATCH which is perfect for jewelry lovers. Get looking around as there many timeless pieces out there.


They’re not a waste of money, despite what anyone else says, buying yourself a designer handbag can be one of the smartest and most savvy purchases you’ll ever make. The Hermès Birkin is still topping the list of investment bags to buy. Named after style icon Jane Birkin, it is loved by many A-listers and will steadily increase in value every year. Another one is the practical Louis Vuitton Neverfull, which gets its name because it really is hard to fill. It is also considered a “consistent performer” by Vestiaire Collective and can recoup over 80% of its retail price.


Investing in wine does mean that you won’t be able to drink it, so make sure you buy some that you can drink as well. However, if you do want to have an impressive looking wine collection, even a wine cellar, then start finding out which wines are going to make you the most money. Buying and selling rare wines can be easy but they are not a quick investment, and it’s often recommended to wait at least five years before trading, and the best performing wines at auction have been known to increase 150% value - not bad. The most famous wines are the 1990 Krug’s Vintage Brut, the Petit Mouton by Chateau Mouton Rothschild from 2011, and the Domaine de la Romanée-Conti’s Grands Echezeaux from 2006. If you don’t know much about wine, then it can be an excellent hobby to get into as well as helping with investments. You will meet new people, travel to new places, and learn about new things.


If you’re going to get something to hang on the wall in the living room, then it may as well be making money for you while it’s there. In the past Art has usually be sold through galleries or at auction. However, it has become increasingly popular to sell Art online now. Remember that established artists will likely see more however you should also look at the current market to see what’s popular at the time, for example, street art is hot right now so you would make a pretty penny if you had a piece of street art to sell. Keep an eye on the market and see what’s happening so you can make sure you buy and sell the right pieces at the right time. Just like the other investment options, if you’re not clued up on Art, then it’s something that you should spend some time getting yourself familiar with. It can also be an excellent hobby to have and can open up opportunities for you; you never know how many new people you will meet and what they will add to your life. Also, if you’re looking for a way to personalize your home and make it unique then what better than a unique piece of Art hanging on the walls or as you go up the stairs.

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