Monday, September 9, 2019

Four Gifts For Beauty Fans

When you’ve got a beauty fan in your life buying presents should be a piece of cake but what if they have just about everything? How can you make your next gift the one that they remember and that stands out from the crowd?

In this blog we’re exploring some gift ideas for the beauty product princess that just seems impossible to buy for. Join us as we give you four of our top gift-giving ideas.

Go Novelty

We’re not talking cheap and tacky but rather products that combine other interests in their life. If your special person is a big fan of all things Disney, then they’ll go wild for this minnie mouse makeup collection. 

They’ll love anything that’s a little out of the ordinary so get searching for collections or custom made one-offs that lets them know how well you really know them.

Think Experience

Yes, your person might create their look flawlessly or spend hours in the bathroom working through their bedtime beauty routine, but who couldn’t use a little help? Why not treat them to a weekend beauty course, learning new techniques, finding out about the latest makeup trends and practising on themselves and others. Great fun, practical and a chance to make new friends, as well as get some new tips straight from the experts.

Image from Pixabay: CC0 licence

Make it Personal

With products created just for them. Present them with a beautiful bespoke cosmetics bag, complete with their name on or go one step further and gift them a fantastic silver compact case and mirror engraved with a personal message and that can be used time and time again.

They’ll know just how much you care for them every time they go to open that one-off bag or mirror, so add that extra personal touch for a gift that keeps on giving.

Small But Perfectly Formed

That lipstick they’ve been after but costs way too much or those hair straighteners that you know would make their day. It doesn’t matter what size the present, if you know you’re getting something they’ve been craving for some time, you’re going to tick all the right boxes. From small mascaras to hairdryers, something thoughtful and uniquely them is going to make you the gift giver they can’t wait to open.

Choosing the right gift is hard work at the best of times but when you need to get it right then take some time to think about how you can make it unique. Choose fun products that makes them happy and feel special. Choose an experience that gives them more strings to their bow and helps them to feel they’re in the forefront of beauty style and technique or just choose something personal. A small but expensive gift, complete with a personal message that shows how much you care or that little item they thought was out of their reach.

Choose from any of these options and you’ll be on course for giving the best present yet. The only problem is how you’re going to top it next year.

Thanks for reading!

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