Saturday, September 14, 2019

5 Ways to Add Personal Meaning to Gifts

With the holiday season soon to get underway, many of us are turning our thoughts to gifts we may want to buy for our loved ones. Given that most people buy gifts for the same people each year, coming up with new ideas can be rather challenging - especially if you, like many gift-givers, want to ensure that you choose something personal for each individual person. 

It is, however, possible to add a personal element to every single gift you buy this year, and below, we have outlined four different ways that this can be achieved… 

1. Literally, personalize the gift 

The simplest way to personalize gift is to be literal. There are countless different options for gifts that can be personalized; you can add a cherished photo to a coffee mug or turn it into a jigsaw, gift a monogrammed diary or briefcase, and much more besides. It might be a relatively “route one” choice when it comes to looking for gifts with a personal touch, but it’s undeniably an effective choice. 

2. Find a deeper meaning

There are many giftable items that, on first inspection, do not seem to be particularly personal in nature: earrings and paintings, make for lovely gifts but can be somewhat “standard” choices that are suitable for a broad range of people. However, there are ways that such gifts can actually be far more personal to an individual; a friend who was born in February could be given amethyst plugs to honor their birthstone, while a gifting a painting of a city you have visited (or want to visit) with a family member transforms a generic gift into one that has a much deeper meaning. 

3. Look for an experience rather than a product 

One of the best ways to buy gifts is to know exactly what a person wants - and sometimes, what a person wants might not actually be a product, but an experience. Think back over conversations you have had with your loved one and look for mentions of things they have wanted to try; perhaps they’ve always wanted to see a Broadway show, try ziplining, or even just spend an evening relaxing and reading a book without any distractions. Such a choice is inherently personal as it is something that they have directly said they wanted to do, so turning it into a reality could be the perfect gift. 

4. Reflect their preferences 

Everyone has their own individual preferences, all of which are very different and entirely unique to us. It can be worth reflecting a loved one’s preference with your gift. For example, if they are a fan of a certain music act, you can center your gift around that act, or you could look to gift a decorative accessory that fits in perfectly with the rest of their decor. Anything that says “I saw this and thought of you” will always make for an excellent gift choice. 

5. Invest Significantly Into It 


We’re not saying you need to fully shell out for your recipient, but it does show the commitment you have. It shows them how much you really care and what they mean. Whether you’re getting them a wonderful timepiece with a Peli Watch Case to boot, or you’re looking to fly them away to a marvelous location, it’s more than a petty present. Obviously, you have to look out for yourself and your own finances, but if you have disposable income to spoil them with, then go right ahead!

In conclusion

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Hopefully, the above ideas will inspire you and ensure that you can find the ideal, highly-personal gift for your loved ones this forthcoming Christmas!

Thanks for reading!

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