Friday, October 13, 2017

Look Good For Less

  My longtime readers know I'm all about finding cute looks on a budget.  Now that I'm a Primadonna Mama, stretching those dollars are now more important than ever.  With Halloween and the holiday season coming up, it’s likely most of us will find ourselves invited to a few parties or some type of work event. Unfortunately, we all know that multiple outfits for multiple events aren't cheap. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t still look amazing and put together some awesome outfits. In truth, it’s all about figuring out some sneaky ways you can look good without spending too much cash.

Image Source: Keep that money in your pocket with a few bargain shopping tips. 

Shop At Places With Loyalty Bonuses
Most of us have one or two shops that we really love and will always check first when it’s time to buy a new outfit. If you do this, it’s worth checking if that shop has a loyalty system in place. Many online stores, such as this site, offer loyalty rewards and points whenever you make regular purchases. The more times you buy, the more points you earn, and then the points can be used to get money off future purchases. Regular retail shops might have loyalty cards that offer the same type of thing, always check for this as you can make huge savings on big brands.

Buy Old Clothes

You might not like this one because you don’t want to wear old clothes; you want something new. Or, you think I mean going to a thrift shop and buying some second-hand items. Thrifting is a great bargain tip, but what I actually mean is buying clothes that are out of season - in a fashion sense, they’re old. Realistically, no one really cares or notices if your clothes are from the right season. Wearing a brand new dress that was released last year won’t cause everyone at the party to look at you in disgust and wonder why you’re wearing something old. Search online consignment shops, ebay, poshmark, and other places to find cheap looks from last season.

Consider Renting

In some scenarios, you could save a lot of money by renting outfits instead of buying them. This is a brilliant idea when you have a formal event or evening party where all the guys will be wearing suits. For occasions like this, you need a nice dress, which will more than likely be an expense you won't get much value out of. How many times a year do you wear something like this? Renting is a great option because you get a lovely outfit for a big event, but don’t have to pay full price for it. Plus, you can rent another one for a different event soon after!

Don't forget to use your upcoming events as an opportunity to
try something new and update your personal style!

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