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Don't Conceal Beauty Blemishes, Eliminate Them

When we think about cosmetics, we often think in terms of covering things up. Concealer is perhaps the most basic example of this because it's a product that is specifically used for covering blemishes and imperfections on your skin. While doing an effective job at covering the issue often makes it a lot worse. For instance, if you have an issue with acne and you use concealer it may cause your skin to break out. This is particularly true if you use products that include artificial materials and chemicals, which can make skin irritations increase in severity.

Rather than covering up beauty issues, you should be looking for a way to fix them or eradicate them completely. There are ways to get rid of your beauty issues completely whether you want to explore more intensive methods, consider changes to your diet, or even use certain creams and treatments. Let’s look at some of the common beauty issues and suggestions for fighting them rather can concealing them.

Argh, Acne

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Acne is a prominent issue and over 50 million people in America alone suffer from the condition as shown on Contrary to popular belief, acne is not an issue just experienced by pubescent teenagers. Acne can follow you all the way into adult life. If you’re in your teens, it may seem like a normal part of puberty, but you won’t be thinking that if you reach middle age and you still have issues or scarring.

Of course, there is treatment for this condition. In fact there are various treatments but if your acne is really bothering you, laser skin surgery is the way to eliminate it for good. If you want proof of how effective this treatment can be, look at Cameron Diaz. The popular actress does indeed suffer from a severe case of acne. Impossible you say? There are pictures online of how bad her skin actually is, but with laser treatment she’s handling it.

Laser treatment removes old layers of your skin with two benefits. First, scars become less distinct and instead start to blend in. Second, and arguably more importantly, it will stop new spots from developing. It would be a lie to say one treatment will cure you of your acne. It won’t and you may need to complete this treatment a few times before it starts to seem effective.

Neck Nightmares

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People often believe that no one pays attention to the neck. Why would you when the beauty of the face is just a few inches above it. Well, the neck is how you can typically tell that someone has had plastic surgery. We forget all about the neck which is why there are plenty of A list stars who have a beautiful, smooth face in their sixties and the dreaded turkey neck. The good news is that you can avoid this and it’s not an expensive solution. At and other similar sites you will be able to find cream and other treatments that can eliminate the creases in your neck in just eight weeks. Keep in mind that these treatments are good for all ages and cases of sagging, skin folds, and unsightly creases in the neck area. In around eight weeks, your neck can be on it's way to supple smoothness.

Fifty Shades Of Grey

Grey hair is another issue that can creep up on you earlier than you think. Here are two options: dye it, or own it. Many women and men today are embracing their grey hair. If you choose to dye it, remember that it's possible to damage your hair cuticles leading to further issues like thinning. We think you’ll agree thick hair with a little grey is better than thin hair that looks completely unnatural.

Of course, the best advice we’d recommend is to stop your hair from going grey at all. You can do this by incorporating bamboo oil into your hair care regimen. With bamboo oil you can improve the strength and the color of your hair. Make sure you look for shampoos that include this ingredient, and that are preferably organic.

Sunspots And Discoloration Of The Skin  

We all want to be beautifully tanned. We all look forward to the summer when we can start sunbathing and get that gorgeous bronze shimmer; but of course this practice is damaging to the skin and speeds up the aging process. Remember, your skin is the biggest age give away. If your skin looks young, you’ll look young. So, make sure you are protecting your skin with sunscreen. You should even wear a little sunscreen everyday for the ultimate level of protection, particularly from UV rays. You can learn about the dangers of UV light on

Incorporate these tips to help you start fixing your beauty issues rather than concealing them!

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