Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Should Your Conceal or Reveal?

The signs of aging catch us all eventually. It may be that you see your first grey hairs in your twenties. Or, you may be lucky enough to be into your thirties before seeing changes. But, no matter when it happens, you can be sure that the day will come. When it does, you’ll have some tricky decisions ahead of you.

The first signs that age is catching up with you are -

  • Wrinkles (often around eyes and mouth)
  • Grey hairs

Eventually you’ll need to decide whether you want to conceal, or reveal the subtle signs that start to show up. It can be tricky and may vary for every aspect of the process.Here are both sides of the argument for two of the main aging issues.



Some of you may be thinking it’s a crazy idea to reveal wrinkles. To others of you, this will make complete sense. Wrinkles are entirely natural. They show you’ve lived a life. In some cases, they can even flatter your features. Wrinkles around the eyes, for example, are fondly referred to as ‘laughter lines’. In many people, wrinkles like these can brighten your whole face. The same can be said for creases in the corners of your lips. There’s no other way to get these than through laughing a lot! With that in mind, is it really so unthinkable to wear these lines with pride?


For some people, yes; it is. In that case, there’s a lot you can do to conceal the issue. In extreme cases, companies like Montana Medical Aesthetics Clinic offer botox services which can even the skin. If you aren’t willing to go that far, you could try some of the skin plumping creams on the market. By hydrating and filling your skin, these can at least reduce the appearance of wrinkles.



In case you hadn’t noticed, grey hair is stylish among youngsters at the moment. Who would’ve thought that girls as young as twenty would be buying grey dye? Strange as it may be, but there’s no denying that many of them look amazing with this color choice. And, you could too. More and more women are deciding to embrace the grey. Bear in mind that, if you do this, it may be better to buy a grey dye. You can keep applying it until your greying process is complete. It’s often the half-changed image which puts us off this idea.


Of course, just as many will still opt to conceal the issue. In this case, conventional dyes will do the trick. Bear in mind that, as your hair greys, your dying process may change. You’ll also need to apply more often to hide those pale roots. Eventually, it would be worth seeing a professional to protect the condition of your hair.

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