Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Perfect Gifts for Boss Chicks

With Christmas fast approaching many of us are looking for gifts for the special people in our lives. Some people are easy to buy for: you know them well, or they present you with some not so subtle hints of what they want. Others can be trickier. Strong, powerful women can be hard to buy for because they like to treat themselves and are so independent that they buy themselves everything that they need. That doesn’t mean they don’t like gifts though, and Christmas is the perfect time to show you care.

A Spa Package

What could be more perfect for the busy, always on the go woman than a spa break? Many young entrepreneurs are guilty of never taking time off. They work all hours and stay up well into the night checking emails and notifications. Even days off are spent worrying about work. This unhealthy. lack of balance can lead to sickness, mental health issues, and poor work performance. Help them unwind and treat them to a trip to Serenity Spa to force them to relax and take some time out for themselves.

A Pamper Hamper

An alternative to a day at the spa is a pamper hamper. Build her a goodie box filled with scented candles, bubble baths, chocolates, cosmetics, books and other relaxing treats. Let her pamper herself whenever she wants in the comfort of her own home.

A Camera

Many of us take photos on our mobile phones, but, nothing beats a good camera. When we’re busy life sometimes seems to pass us by. A camera is an excellent way of capturing the important moments before it’s too late. For something cool and fun go for an instant option, such as the Fujifilm Instax Mini. For a more serious photographer, nothing beats a DSLR.


A power women always need power shoes. Just remember, power is different for everyone. Some women feel confident and strong in a pair of killer heels, while others feel at home in comfy sneakers. Either way, you can't go wrong with cute shoes.

A Planner

Even though we can save all of our appointments on our phones and devices, planners are still very popular. Writing everything down can make it easier to organize your time.

An Activity Tracker

Activity trackers make a great gift. A busy day can make it easy to simply forget to move. This can lead to weight gain, and long-term health risks. An activity tracker will remind her to get up and get moving. An added bonus is that activity trackers come with a huge range of stylish and trendy straps for even the most fashion-conscious ladies.

A Smart Home Device

Everything seems to be getting smarter, and your home is no different. A smart home device, such as an Amazon Echo or Google Home link all of your other devices and give you ultimate control.

Whether you chose a gift to slow them down and force them to take a break, or one that will make their lives easier, the powerful women in your life is sure to appreciate your efforts.

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